Saturday, April 17, 2010

more happiness - Sri Phala

wish you all in a great health by today,
this is weekend on Bali, our beloved Paradise.

here at Sri Phala Resort and Villa, calm breeze after those NYEPI the silent day of 24 hours blackout. yes, no meals, no electricity, no working, no going out, no amusement, no nothing.

have you ever feel that kinda only one happening ? yes there is, and it is on Bali island. For sure you wont missed out that magic BIG DOLL called 'ogoh-ogoh'. the one formed onto EVIL and DEVIL faces, means to celebrate the NEW BORN of universe as they the 'Bhuta KALA' or the time of universe would appreciate our efforts in preserve the environment and this nation wide of lovely universe.

feel in on the next MARCH 2011
you gonna regret this fabulous event once a year.
simply click the 'Book Now' button to see your rooms availability on that period.

nevertheless, you may direct email to;
for any further request..
or just put a comment on down of this wonderful story.. we would appreciate your welcome and bring you more brilliant news in heaven.

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