Friday, July 30, 2010

Fare Ti'i villa

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 Lovely !
that's the only words can say from my side, when i step aside to this wonderful decent with tranquil place of Fare Ti'i villa at Pererenan Beach Village, Canggu nearby.

Yes, have a look :

call: sastra +62.81.5588.12345

Fare Ti'i villa at Pererenan Villa, Canggu nearby, simply a walk to remember at Bali island. Within the lush tropical and exotic panorama of rice fields, the polite and charming people, would welcoming you onto the deep of romance.

call: sastra +62.81.5588.12345

a unique combination of Balinese withing its nature of room decorations, Faree Ti'i villa Pererenan, Canggu, Bali is pleased to pamper you with its 1(one) bedroom romance or into 2(two) bedrooms family plan.

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see you back home - Bali island.


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