Tuesday, December 17, 2013

About Sas

Partly Rain, a honeymoon theme, I'm up and away living at small country right on foot of Mount Batukaru. Lush tropical rain forest, lots of O2 energy here. Green rice terraces, Huge dough, named JatiLuwih village.

When you drive up more 40 mins, will find a cooler top hills of Bedugul Lake and its Botanical gardens. Fascinating lo.

Hey, we've got 3 gorgeous Lakes up here, Beratan Lake (most famous), Buyan Lake (most sexy), Tamblingan Lake (most wanted), which one you gonna pick as it's best ?

The other Crater Lake is 2 hours east of Bali named Mt. Batur Volcano Lake. During the trip, you're eyes will be attractive by a huge Veggie plantations such as Tobacco (Puva's Veggs), Carrots (this mine), Collie Flowers, Pines Tree, Balinese most wanted Orange, strawberries, chili, etc, you name it.

Enjoying the volcano would be a lot more Amazing during Sun rising, meaning, you have to go Overnight up there. Many home stays and 3 stars hotel near the lake side.

Eat some Oranges, get the blood flows relax your mind-body and soul. Remember to hug your mate, cool Sis.

Warmth Jacket is absolutely recommended. For me? No, i have my "Life" jacket. Haha lol

Well, the other day, drive down across the Oranges, stop at Luwak coffee plantations, enjoy your awesome day with all Balinese FREE drinks of coffees, ginger, rosella flower tea, etc.

Well, don't forget to cheers. But not to abang Puvs, his got his Bintang Beer on the go. Hahaa

Well, continue to a Holy Spring Temple and Ubud market, have your appetite accomplished.

More-over ? You may need to come by once in a week to Bali, then you'll know 2,865 places of interest with all awesomely Bali, the island of Hot Chicks (oh sorry, that my call)... Hahahaha

Matur suksma
Om Shanti, Shanti, Shanti Om

Best regards,
Gede Sastra
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