Monday, January 13, 2014

Private Jet Charter VIP Bali

Private Jet
Based in Bali island of Paradise, Airport VIP Service Bali is proudly presents Private Jet Charter service that brought to you by World's leading aviation company; Gulfstream, Bombardier, Hawker Pacific, Beechcraft, and other "Roll-Royce of Private Jets."

Today's companies are more and more aware of the importance of business aviation in ensuring increased productivity and higher outputs. Companies are using business aviation to:
- be more productive
- do more, spend less
- retain talented managers
- add dependable flexibility into their schedules
- improve effectiveness and efficiency in operations

Bali island is more than just a tourist destinations, but also become a VIP Private Jet transit for going to East Timor or Sumbawa and Komodo island as well as a transit journey to enjoy Raja Ampat - Irian Jaya (Papua Nugini). Utilizing aircraft in business helps a company save so much time, which results in more productive time. Mostly our clients are flying for oil and gas exploration that could saving them tens of hours of traveling time and reducing it to less than an hour. Flying employee using charter jets, which should take few hours, make a whole lot of sense compared to relying on multi-day trip using conventional means of transport.

This private jet charter of arrangement allows you or your companies to do more in less time and often less cost than other transportation alternatives.
For more in-depth information on how business aircraft can safe your company money and make you and your team more productive, contact Sastra Bali +6281-2939-12345 or

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Mr. i Gede Putu Sastrawan
CV. Sastra Bali
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Tabanan - Indonesia

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